First Balkan War Game & Map
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First Balkan War Game & Map

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Relive the First Balkan War in this exciting and quick playing game. Having recently lost Libyan and Adriatic territories to the Italians, the Ottoman Empire has shown its weakness. Serbia, Greece, and Bulgaria now see this as their opportunity to expand and claim the Balkans for themselves. Will you maintain the Empire and hold lands held since the 14th century for the Sultan? Or will you take your rightful lands from the sick man of Europe and secure your place on the Balkan peninsula?

Designed to play quickly and easily, The First Balkan War will allow you to easily teach younger audiences, and anyone knew to board gaming, how to play A&A style games. And for those veterans of A&A, you already own all the pieces you need to play! Just buy the rondel packs and any relevant units you want for a more immersive experience. Test your strategies against each other and determine the fate of the future powder-keg of Europe! 

Designed by: Jonathan Galvez

Players: 2-4

Time: 2 hours

Low-medium Complexity

Map Size: 18" x 34" printed on heavy Vinyl

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