GER-008 (1/300-1/600) German Turret Numbers in Black w/ Outline Waterslide Decals

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The "general" system of 3 digits:- 1st = Company#(17-22 tanks), 2nd=Platoon#(4-5 tanks), 3rd= tank#in platoon. 1st digit R= regt,I= 1st batt, II=2nd batt, HQ tanks. 1939 most had small black+white rhomboid plates on upper hull sides and many had very large turret #'s ( camouflage not being an issue prior to 1942).

(2) sizes of Turret Numbers in Black with a White Outline. 2.2" x 3.5" Card

1st and 2nd Company German Armor Units

7Pt size & 6Pt size:

Perfect for customizing GHQ, Axis & Allies and many other Table Top War gaming miniatures.   Larger size is Perfect for 15mm Micro Armor and the Smaller perfect for 1/285 Micro Armor


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