Game Gatherings

Operation Torchlight
When: Now
Where: Youtube
What: Global War 1936v3 Game

Operation "Goldeneye"
When: Now
Where: Youtube

BBR Tournament
Host: The Chaplain
When: March 19-21, 2022
Where: St. Louis, Missouri
What: Blood Bath

Summer Offensive Invitational
The Clash of the Titans
When: July 8-11, 2022
Where: Prince George British Columbia, Canada
What: Global War 1936v3 Tournament

Twisted Lords Con 2022
Host: Jeff Lawrence (HBG owner Doug Friend will be attending)
When: July 21-24, 2022
Where: Sheraton Hotel (Reeds Conference Center), Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA
Games: Global War 1936, GW1914, GW2025 Meltdown, Many Tabletop, Miniatures, Role Playing, and Card Games.
Rooms: $109.00/Night plus taxes

Grasshopper's 3G40 Invitational (CANCELLED)
Grasshopper's 3G40 Invitational is a 3 day A&A style games using Grasshopper's 3G40 Tournament rules.
Host: Young Grasshopper
When: August 12-14, 2022
Where: Toronto Ontario, Canada
Games: Axis & Allies G40