German Die Glocke (3d Printed) x ONE
German Die Glocke (3d Printed) x ONE

German Die Glocke (3d Printed) x ONE

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3d Printed

Color: Black

Size: 16 x 16 x 17mm

In the last year of World War II, most of Germany realized defeat was imminent. Facing the overwhelming power and equipment of the Allies, Hitler authorized the construction of Wunderwaffe (wonder weapons). This story offers an explanation of the focus on the "Die Glocke" project. There were other Wunderwaffe projects but "The Bell" was the one most-cloaked in secrecy. If its powers could be harnessed by the Nazis, it could be the bargaining chip to bring the Allies to the negotiating table and improve the surrender terms of the Third Reich. Its powers were believed to be so staggering that at the end of World War II, all of the scientists and laborers working on "Die Glocke" were murdered. The bell, General Hans Kammler (SS general in charge of the Die Glocke project), two Nazi U-boats, and many Nazi war criminals ended up missing.

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