Global War 1850-1884 (Axis & Allies Variant Map)
Global War 1850-1884 (Axis & Allies Variant Map)

Global War 1850-1884 (Axis & Allies Variant Map)

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Contents: Map, Rules, play aids. Mini's will be extra.

Global War 1850-1885

The 1800's were a brutal century in the history of the World. Slavery, warfare, colonialism, and industrialization combined to with enormous changes in technology, lead to warfare, imperialism and violence on an unprecedented scale.

Where the averaged man gained a small voice in the political machine through both increasing electorate systems, development of trade unions, rise of a wage-labor economy, the abolition of large-scale slavery and the rise of people’s movements, he also suffered terribly. War, abhorrent working conditions, and (depending on where he lived) brutal oppression were part life.

Resources are the key to winning this era. Industrializing nations need iron, coal, textiles and other items to fuel their factories. They need luxury goods to feed their emerging consumer economies. Importation of food from other parts of the world is needed to reduce seasonal famine and support large, non-agrarian work force.

A Different Game

Global War 1850-1885 is a different type of game – one focused on acquiring colonies, resources and influence. Factories and railroads need building. Players of Global War are presented with a number of time-limited historical events, the outcome of which will determine their victory points at the end of the game. Events in the game include:

(a) Taiping / Chinese Rebellions and Opium war

(b) Franco-Mexican War

(c) Crimean War

(d) American Civil War

(e) Colonization of Africa

(f) British, French and American intervention in China and Japan

And More…

During this game you’ll be making decisions for your nation in order to support your national interest. Opportunities will come up for players to react to world events

Ø Will the British and French intervene in the US Civil War to protect their cotton supplies?

Ø Will France and Britain go to war over African colonies?

Ø Can the Western powers enforce their unfair trade provisions on China and Japan or will they thwart the West?

Victory in this game leads to better starting conditions in our 1885-1914 game.

Global War Series: Our Global War series consists of interconnected games spanning the time period of 1850-2025. Players can play any Global War game individually, or connect them together in one monster game where victory in one affects the starting point of the next. These games consist of both large scale wars (World War I, World War II, and hypothetical wars in 1985 and 2025), and interwar periods where players fight limited conflicts. As players transition from one game to the next, they upgrade units to new models, and make decisions about how their nation will enter the coming era.

5 Stars
Can't wait!!!
For people who like to create games… and play "what IF", I am really looking forward to the publication of this game!!! I have many ideas for a new, more strategic game, but lack an appropriate map board, and several other player aids. This game cannot come out soon enough… thanks
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