Global War 1914
Global War 1914

Global War 1914

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This is the definitive World War I game.  Based on our popular Global War 1936-1945 - The Great War is a truly global game, covering all theaters and nations.  Random events drive actions on all continents, creating diverse possibilities and excellent replay value.  The Great War has a number of planned expansions that will connect it to our Global War 1936-1945 and will be ultimately playable as one complete game.  The Great War features:

·        Hundreds of highly detailed plastic miniatures

·        A map featuring railroads, canals, straits, mountains and rivers

·        3 starting dates, 1912-1914, 1914-1918, and 1918-1922

·        Rules for attrition attacks, morale, manpower, trench warfare, technology development, convoy raiding and much more

Status: IN Production, Summer 2022 Launch

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