Global War 1936-1945v3 Map (5'x10')
Global War 1936-1945v3 Map (5'x10')

Global War 1936-1945v3 Map (5'x10')

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60"x120" (5'x10') map & Contents

Contents: (Included) 

(1) Map (One piece Vinyl, rolled, 36"x 72" or  48"x 96" or 60"x 120") 

(1) Rules (FREE Digital Download)

(1) Setup Charts (FREE Digital Download)

(2) Battle Board (reversible, Defend on one side, attacker on other side) (Styrene mounted 20"x 6.5")

(1) IPP Chart (Styrene mounted 12" x 20")

(1) Tech Chart (Styrene mounted 12.75" x 14.24")

(1) Production Chart (Styrene mounted 4" x 15")

(1) Turn Marker (Acrylic)

Plastic game Pieces (Not Included)

Global War 1936-1945v3

Welcome to the New Global War!

 Welcome to the new Global War 1936-1945. Global War has the largest map of any published game of its genre. It has the most different types of units and is the most expanded game we know of – with over 33 single 3D printed pieces and over 200 different types of units and markers, and over 35 full length expansions, this is truly the ultimate World War II game.  We have no intention of stopping the stampede of expansions and connecting games.   More are on the way! After years of receiving and listening to our customers from around the world and compiling untold pages of feedback we have produced a full revision of our Global War rules, and map. New units include:

• Tank Destroyers • Self-Propelled Artillery • Heavy Battleships • Heavy Carriers • Coastal Defense Ships • Fast Battleships • Battlecruisers • Light Cruisers • FEC Gurkhas • Seaplanes • Attack Transports • Strategic Rockets • French Foreign Legion • And more...

The revised map is very exciting. We’ve continued to update place names and features to reflect historical accuracy. To our map we have now printed facilities such as ports, air bases, and fortifications onto the map directly. You will also find Major and Minor shipyards, ports, and dockyards. The railways now are designated as standard gauge. (1,435mm) and broad gauge (1,520mm and wider). We have added deserts, jungles, marshes, narrow crossings, channel ports, and more!

We have also significantly updated the rules for convoy raiding and escorts and added new rules, new technologies, and revised all the play aids and National Reference sheets for greater clarify and playability. We have fixed some loopholes and added more examples.

We have greatly expanded the possibility for East vs. West conflict – resulting in what we think is a more Global War experience. We’ve updated CCP and KMT so they are more fun to play as well.

There are lots and lots of optional rules to enhance your experience. Throughout the rules where there are significant changes to be aware off we will call them out so our previous players can get a sense of where to focus and re-read. Major new rules or changes are marked with this symbol.

A few things have come to light in our communication with Global War players. First, we know this is a long game and we’ve had many people asking for ways to shorten it but yet more asking us to add more detail and more historical flavor.  Our concept of Global War is this: The base game is playable in a very long (but very enjoyable) day – and there is not much we can do about that.  You can speed it up by having players who know the rules, take their turns quickly, buy most of their units ahead of time (etc.…) but in the end, it’s a marathon – and we hope a fun one. For those who want more options and flavor we reserve those very specific details for optional rules and for our expansions. We hope this allows you to play with the details you want and adjust the game’s length accordingly.

Second, teaching new players and learning the game can be a challenge. To this end we would say it is imperative that everyone understand that EVERYONE needs to read every nations National Reference Sheet – there are a lot of nation-specific rules there that are not in the rule book. It can result in nasty surprises when Japan sneak attacks everyone or the U.S. joins the war in 1937. So now, without further ado, lets move on to the rules.

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