Global War 1936-1945v4 Map (5'x10')
Global War 1936-1945v4 Map (5'x10')

Global War 1936-1945v4 Map (5'x10')

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Global War 1936-1945v4

  • After more than 1000 hours of development over the last 4 years, Historical Board Gaming is proud to present Global War 1936 version 4.
  • Listing the changes is an impossible task. Every component in the game and every sentence in the rules has been scrutinized. In many ways, version 4 is a totally new game compared to version 3.  
  • We have done a lot of streamlining to make the game faster to play, and easier for new players to pick up. This includes removing things that did not work well or were unnecessarily complicated. 
  • A tremendous amount has been added to the game: an all-new map, revised diplomacy, more balanced units, and enhanced technologies. Everything is now much more integrated. One of the biggest new additions are the “in port” rules, which will transform the game in many ways.
  • In any 3-alliance system, the rules open up possibilities to gaming the system. Although a lot has been done to reduce/eliminate this in version 4, Global War has been designed to be played like gentlemen. As such, it is our hope that players aspire to this, and “play the game”, instead of “playing the rules”. The former is a lot more fun!
  • Printed on new 13oz vinyl.
  • Improved Jungle and Tundra terrain.
  • Sea Floor Topography.
  • Play aids such as Monroe Doctrine, kamikaze, Objectives, etc printed on the map.
  • Sea Zones numbering (Atlantic A1. A2, A3..., Pacific P1, P2..., Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean.)

Map choice:

  • Roundels - Typical Airforce Roundels used on past GW1936 maps.
  • Flags** - Nation Specific Round Flags as typical HBG Flag Roundels.

**(NOTE - This version will have the Fascist German Flag on the map and Play-aids)

Contents: (Included) 

(1) Map (One piece Vinyl, rolled 60"x 120" (5' x 10'),  $25.00 added to shipping for Oversize package. This size map only!

(1) Rules (FREE Digital Download)

(1) Setup Charts (FREE Digital Download)

(2) Battle Board (reversible, Defend on one side, attacker on other side) (16pt Board mounted , 4.83 x 18")

(1) IPP Chart (16pt Board mounted,  (11" x 17")

(1) Tech Chart (16pt Board mounted,  (11" x 17")

(1) Production Chart (16pt Board mounted,  (4" x 15")

(1) Intra Turn Tracker (16pt Board mounted,  (11" x 17")

(1) Victory Point Tracker (16pt Board mounted,  (8.5" x 11")

(1) Turn Marker (Acrylic)

*Plastic Game Pieces (Not Included)

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