Global War 2025 Meltdown
Global War 2025 Meltdown

Global War 2025 Meltdown

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There are only a few games left, we will have another 40 in mid July 2022 then more in the Fall of 2022.

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Rules Download: Download HERE (Updated 11/12/21)

Cyberwarfare Chart: FREE Download (Updated 4/1/22) v2.0

Any question or corrections in Rules or Play-aids, please send to: ([email protected])

FAQ & ERRATA Document (Download HERE)

Set Contents: 

  • 1 Vinyl Rolled Map (26.6" x 56")
  • 17-Play aids
  • 380-Plastic Miniatures including 33-3dp printed ones
  • 167 Acrylic markers
  • 60-Hardboard Roundels
  • 6 Paper Coasters

There are NO plastic Chips or Dice to save on cost from requests from our Customers.

Please look at the Dice and Chips section to add them to your order if you need them.

150 chips denoting a "1", 20 denoting a "5"will be needed

6- Six Sided Dice, 6- Twelve Sided Dice is recommended


Historical Board Gaming has been hard at work over the past several years developing a fast- playing, hard-hitting modern warfare game, Global War 2025 Meltdown.  We have stealth destroyers, cruise missiles, drones, nuclear weapons, and tons of modern units sculpted for you and your friends to get into the ultimate throw-down.  This future war pits the U.S, NATO, and a host of allied states around the world against the Russian Federation, China, and a vast Middle Eastern caliphate.  From high tech research to cyber-warfare, this game has it all.


U.S.A (Olive) , NATO (Blue)
and the Pacific Coalition (Yellow-Gold)

  • American Soldier
  • M1A3 Main Battle Tank
  • F-35 Jet Fighter
  • AH-64 Apache Helo
  • SSN Virginia Attack Sub
  • Independence Class Frigate
  • Arleigh Burke Destroyer
  • America Class LHD
  • Ford Class Carrier


China (Red), Russia (Brown), & 

  • Chinese Soldier
  • Type 99 Main Battle Tank
  • J-31 Jet Fighter
  • WZ-10 Helo
  • Type 093 Attack Sub
  • Type 054A Frigate
  • Type 055 Destroyer
  • Type 075 LHD
  • Type 001 Carrier

Caliphate (Black)

  • Caliphate Soldier
  • Karrar Main Battle Tank (Iran)
  • Saegheh Jet Fighter (Iran)
  • T-129 Helo (Turkey)
  • Fateh Attack Sub (Iran)
  • Al Riyad Frigate (Saudi Arabia)
  • Visakhapatnam Destroyer (INS)
  • Mistral Class LHD (Egypt)
  • Tanker converted Carrier

1 Chinese molded pieces in 3 colors: Red & Brown

1 U.S. molded pieces in 3 colors: Blue, Olive Drab, and Yellow Gold

1 Caliphate 3d printed in 1 color: Black

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This game is worth it just for the figures!
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