Global War 2025 Meltdown
Global War 2025 Meltdown

Global War 2025 Meltdown

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Set Contents: 

Map, play aids, Miniatures, Dice

Rules Download: Download HERE (Updated 7/8/20) Beta

(Please read and send all marks to [email protected])


Historical Board Gaming has been hard at work over the past several years developing a fast- playing, hard-hitting modern warfare game, Global War 2025 Meltdown.  We have stealth destroyers, cruise missiles, drones, nuclear weapons, and tons of modern units sculpted for you and your friends to get into the ultimate throw-down.  This future war pits the U.S, NATO, and a host of allied states around the world against the Russian Federation, China, and a vast Middle Eastern caliphate.  From high tech research to cyber-warfare, this game has it all.


U.S.A. , NATO, and the Pacific Coalition


China, Russia, and the Caliphate

As it stands now, we will have 2 molds in 6 colors.

1 Chinese Faction in 3 colors

1 U.S. Faction in 3 colors

Status: in Production

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