Grossdeutschland - Amerika Expansion
Grossdeutschland - Amerika Expansion

Grossdeutschland - Amerika Expansion

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Panzer-Grenadier-Division Großdeutschland began as a ceremonial guard, but it eventually expanded into an entire Panzer Grenadier unit. This was one of best-equipped and heavily armed units in the entire German army, even better than most full strength panzer divisions. After defeating the Soviets, Großdeutschland was tasked with “maintaining the peace” in German occupied Reichskommissariat Russland. However, with the imminent invasion of Amerika, Großdeutschland was pulled out of Reichskommissariat Russland, expanded for overseas invasion, and loaded onto the first wave of invasion transports. This “Amerika Korps” was designed for one purpose: victory in Amerika.



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