Gun: 85mm M1939 AA - France (40 2nd Ed)
Russian AA Gun

Gun: 85mm M1939 AA - France (40 2nd Ed)

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Blue plastic Artillery game piece from the Axis & Allies game.
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Good Source for 20th Century Style Table-Top Wargaming Pieces
Good pieces, as pictured, shipped promptly. "New" quality. First time I ordered I ended up with a couple French artillery pieces- probably mixed stock. I just reordered to make it up.
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Quick comment on A&A rule and suggested HBG house rule mobile AA (which i *love* very much, see also 3d-print Skink SP AA design). Given the historically codumented sheer effeciveness of AA in ground defense, i suggest a HBG house rule revamp consideration: Static AA is considered immobile and gets lost on territory caputre as is, ok. BUT on enemy shock force entering, DO consider static AA as "heavy AA" super effective at tanks especially (ref North Africa), so one round of roll not just as against aircraft BUT ALSO against any armor or similar. On MOBILE AA, i just do NOT agree on "3D Parts -> Canada Skink AAA"! At a price of a proper tank, the capability should be better than a lame +1 defense move range. SO, consider mobile AA also a "light AA" gun, so real MAULER against entering infantry shock force. Easily credible if even you read further the wiki of Skink AAA with just 3 chassis actual: "From 6 February to 11 March 1945, the Skink visited all but one of the Canadian armoured regiments - from Nijmegen to the Cleve area - frequently engaging the German army. All units found it to be a valuable asset but no enemy aircraft presented itself to the Skink's guns and its main function was to flush out stubborn pockets of enemy infantry and force their surrender". So to make this interesting enough, Mobile AA deserves a real infantry MAUL roll on BOTH defense and attack, then also - due to its mobility - a chance to evacuate a lost territory if it has survived a final "overkill roll" of the final attacker volley check. AA is fun! So consider this pls, HBG :)
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