HBG AA Gun Marker (Acrylic) x5
HBG AA Gun Marker (Acrylic) x5

HBG AA Gun Marker (Acrylic) x5

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Historical Board Gaming Custom Markers!
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Anti-Aircraft Gun Option 1:

Cost:  3

Movement:  1

Attack:  N/A

Defense: 1 (D6), 2 (D12), 3 (D20)

Transport Class:  2 per naval transport


A/A guns may only be involved defensively in land combat against air units.  There is no limit to the number of A/A guns allowed in each territory.  Each unit receives one defensive roll each combat cycle regardless the number of attacking enemy aircraft. A/A guns can be taken as casualties. A/A guns are considered regular units, and do maintain control of territories in regards to Blitzing, etc.


Tactical Abilities:  First Strike; can only target air units (with the exception of rockets).  


Miscellaneous Anti-Aircraft Gun Options:

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