HBG Amerika Boxed Game (Contains NO Plastic Game Pieces)
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HBG Amerika Boxed Game (Contains NO Plastic Game Pieces)

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(Contains NO Plastic Game Pieces)

Game is discontinued.

The year is 1946... Things did not go as planned for the Allies. Germany has crushed the British in Europe, splintering her Commonwealths all over the globe. The once great Red Army now cowers in the shadow of Nazi power.

Japan's successful attack on Pearl Harbor cost America several battleships and carriers. The United States, while strong, finds herself without help in the struggle against Axis advance. There is but one choice left.

The Manhattan Project is born...

AMERIKA introduces beginners to this great genre of board gaming. Games with plastic minis are great to look at and fun to play. Our minis really make a game come alive! With just 8 types of units to learn, new players will be up and running in no time. Rules are kept simple and fun with plenty of player aids to help everyone stay on track. Veteran game players will get to experience a variety of new units like jet fighters and self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, while being challenged to build "The Ultimate Force" to counter opponents.

Complete Boxed Game Contents will include:

-One 20" X 30" map

One Rulebook

German, Japanese Roundels, Battleboard

(Contains NO Plastic Game Pieces)

Add some flavor to your "Amerika" game with these great scenarios, some do not require 
any additional pieces and several will require some really cool 3d printed units:


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