HBG At Sea/ In Port Markers (Acrylic) x5
HBG Sub Status Markers

HBG At Sea/ In Port Markers (Acrylic) x5

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Historical Board Gaming Custom Markers!
Sold in Sets of 5

We have heard our gaming customers asking for markers that are better than cardboard, but smaller than other companies that produce these. So here they are!

Laser cut on blue acrylic, laser etched design, filled in with acrylic paint and cured. They are durable, bright, and easy to handle...1/8" (3mm) thick. 1/2" (13mm) square.

HBG stands behind ALL their custom products!

HBG Customer House Rules

Ships are considered to have two states- either in port or at sea

When at sea ships behave normally.

When in port ships are subject to special rules.

  1. A ship can be designated "in port" during your combat movement phase. Ships can move up to their movement allowance before going "into port"
  2. A to "into port" there must be a friendly operational naval base in the sea zone.
  3. A naval facility can have up to 3 times its production slots in port for a base (so 3 ships for a minor or 15 ships for a major) Each damage on a base reduces its in port capacity by 3. A submarine base may base up to 3 submarines, with a reduction of 1 for every damage.
  4. When in port, ships are considered to be in the sea zone containing the naval base. If the base is on the border of two zones, one must be designated. If there are multiple bases in a zone, the base must be designated. 
  5. Enemy ships may attempt to move through a zone with ships in port. Both sides make a roll of a D6. if the defender wins, then the opposing ships must stop at the previous zone. If the mover wins, then they may immediately proceed to up to the remainder of their movement points.
  6. When in port, ships may not be engaged in combat by surface ships.
  7. A ship in port may defend against a strategic bombing raid on the facifly in which it is ported. This is done in the same manner as facility AAA fire, and is limited to one die per ship at 3 or lees, and no more die total than the number of attacking bombers. (This is in addition to facility AA fire.)
  8. If a naval base is damaged and there are ships in port there, then 3 ships must be sent out to sea immediately for every damage marker.
  9. Ships in port may be attacked by aircraft. Air Units attacking ships in port gain a plus two to their attack value, which is cumulative to other modifyers. The Naval base containing the ships may fire up to 3 AAA rolls at the attacking planes. Ships in port defend at half their defense value, rounded up.  Planes must state which base they are attacking, and may only attack ships in that base. Subs in port may be hit by aircraft not on Maritime air patrol. (This represents attacks such as Pearl Harbor or the Taranto Raid, and the ease of hitting stationary ships.)
  10. Submarines may attack ships in harbor for one combat round if they are in the same sea zone at the end of the combat movement phase. They roll one dice with target select on a 1 and first strike. Subs attack at half their attack value, rounded down. Enemy ships in port may not return fire. (This represents such as the sinking of the Royal Oak, or the 1941 raid on Alexandria) 
  11. If the land zone containing a naval base with ships in port is captured, then immediately roll on die for each ship. On a 1-2 the ship escapes and is immediately placed in the sea zone. On a 3-8 the ship is scuttled and removed from the game. On a 9-12, the ship is captured and immediately replaced with the corresponding unit from the capturing power. 
  12. Aircraft on Carriers in port are considered cargo (This represents the lack of room for flight operation on a carrier in port)
  13. Ships may leave port during the non combat movement phase of their turn, and may move up to their movement allowance.
  14. When a ship is placed on the map, during the place units phase, it may be designated as "in port" if there is available space at the shipyard where it was placed. If this is not done then it is considered at sea. 

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