HBG City/Town/Village Marker (Acrylic) x5
HBG City/Town/Village Marker (Acrylic) x5

HBG City/Town/Village Marker (Acrylic) x5

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Major City

Set of 5

Historical Board Gaming Custom Markers!

We have heard our gaming customers asking for markers that are better than cardboard, but smaller than other companies that produce these. So here they are!

Laser cut on white acrylic, laser etched design, filled in with acrylic paint and heat cured. They are durable, bright, and easy to handle...1/8" (3mm) thick. 1/2" (13mm) square.

HBG stands behind ALL their custom products!

HBG Customer House Rule:

The colony is a land unit with a move of zero, that defends and attacks at 2. It may be embarked upon ships, and can be landed in any territory that is not player controlled.

When a colony marker is debarked onto a territory, the controlling player may choose to pay 5 IPP, or engage in 1 round of combat with local combat units.
The colony is destroyed if the defending army scores hits.

Each turn, for each colony a player controls, they may choose to gain 1 IPP or produce 1 militia.

These militia may engage in combat with local land units.

If a territory has no combat units except those owned by the player with the colony, that player gains control of the territory.

If this happens, the colony becomes a factory that can produce 1 unit per turn, and counts as a 1 IPP marker on the territory, and loses its previous abilities (those being its attack/defense, its production value, and its ability to be transported).

5 Stars
A helpful little item for a number of games. Players can easily tell what type of area they're dealing with.
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