HBG Japanese Army Airborne Marker (x5)
HBG Japanese Army Airborne Marker (x5)

HBG Japanese Army Airborne Marker (x5)

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Historical Board Gaming Custom Markers!
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Japanese Army Airborne Marker

Cost:  +1 Upgrade existing infantry unit
Movement:  1 (Land), or by Air Transport/Bomber

Attack:  2 (D6), 3 (D12), 4 (D20)

Defense:  2 (D6), 4 (D12), 5 (D20)

Transport Class:  Same as Infantry (1 by air transport/bomber)

Airborne are ground attack units that can be transported and deployed by air transports.  Airborne can be upgraded from existing infantry units for 1 IPC each, or a built from scratch.  In either case the airborne unit must be built or converted in a factory location.  Purchasing the upgrade is done during the Purchase Units Phase, but the actual conversion does not take effect until the Place New Units Phase.  The upgrade does not count as a purchased unit when dealing with minor factories.  Once converted to an airborne the unit remains a paratrooper until it has been destroyed.  Each player may have no more than 4 Airborne units in play at once.  These units may be rebuilt if destroyed.  

 Airborne may be paired with air transports, and flown into combat zones.  Paratroopers can be deployed into any location an air transport can legally move the unit to. 

 Players not using Air Transports can substitute the unit with Bombers.  When doing so, any Bombers used to deploy Airborne units would not be allowed to participate in any combat situation on the same turn. 

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