HBG Naval Mine Marker (Acrylic) x5
HBG Naval Mines Marker

HBG Naval Mine Marker (Acrylic) x5

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Historical Board Gaming Custom Markers!
Sold in Sets of 5

5/8" from tip to tip, same size as other popular mines by other companies.

We have heard our gaming customers asking for markers that are better than cardboard, but smaller than other companies that produce these. So here they are!

Laser cut on acrylic, laser etched design, filled in with acrylic paint and heat cured. They are durable, bright, and easy to handle...1/8" (3mm) thick. 1/2" (13mm) square.

HBG stands behind ALL their custom products!

HBG Customer House Rule:

For HBG-ACR-366

A naval mine is a facility.

They may be built in any sea zone adjacent to a friendly naval base in a supply path.

A naval mine defends the sea zone it is in against any ships moving into or out of the sea zone during the combat movement phase.
Each ship moving through is subject to one die roll at 2 or less. No enemy ships may move through the sea zone in non combat movement.
There may be only one naval mine per sea zone.

They cost 10 IPP. Each nation with a coastline may place one on the board at the start of the game.

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