HBG Roman Empire (27 BC-476 AD) Symbol (10/Set)
HBG Roman Empire (27 BC-476 AD) Symbol (10/Set)

HBG Roman Empire (27 BC-476 AD) Symbol (10/Set)

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(Sold in sets of 10 markers)

The Roman Empire was the post-Republican period of ancient Rome. As a polity it included large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean Sea in EuropeNorthern Africa, and Western Asia ruled by emperors. From the accession of Caesar Augustus to the military anarchy of the third century, it was a principate with Italy as metropole of the provinces and the city of Rome as sole capital (27 BC – 286 AD). Although fragmented briefly during the military crisis, the empire was forcibly reassembled, then ruled by multiple emperors who shared rule over the Western Roman Empire (based in Milan and later in Ravenna) and over the Eastern Roman Empire (centered on Nicomedia and Antioch, later based in Constantinople)

Laser cut on brown hardboard in full color. This artwork will NOT rub or scratch off very easily or at all.
They are durable, bright, and easy to handle...1/8" (3mm) thick. 3/4" (19mm) Round
HBG stands behind ALL their custom products!

Customer House Rule:

  • Neo Roman Empire
  • If at any point, Italy controls all mainland Italian territories, Sardinia, Sicily, Tunisia, and all of Egypt, they may declare themselves as the Neo Roman Empire. Replace all Italian markers for Roman Empire markers. Italy is now permanently the Neo Roman Empire no matter what territories are taken by enemy players. Their home country is the same as Italy.
  • Effects of being the Neo Roman Empire (players do not need to use all the effects and may create their own effects. It's a house rule, what did you think!?)
  • Pax Romana - "The peace which existed between nationalities within the Roman Empire"
  • The Neo Roman Empire gains an extra dollar for each territory originally controlled by another nation other than Italy. Max one per original nation (E.g. if the Neo Roman Empire controlled Tunisia and Morocco they would only gain one since they were both originally controlled by the same nation. France). Max six in total.
  • Roman Foreign Legion
  • Neo Roman Empire Infantry attack at 2 for the first round of combat if attacking non originally controlled Italian territories.
  • Decline of an Empire
  • For each of the following territories controlled by an enemy power, the Neo Roman Empire loses a dollar. Any mainland Italian territories, Sardinia, Sicily, Tunisia, and any Egypt territories.
  • General note: The Neo Roman Empire has good bonuses and abilities as long as they are big. If they start losing land there then their bonuses and abilities go away. In addition, with the Decline of an Empire they start to get negative effects. The point is to give the Italian player a difficult decision on where or not to declare themselves the Neo Roman Empire and risk it's gain with the possibility of negative effects along the road.

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