HBG Train Marker (Acrylic) x5
HBG Train Marker (Acrylic) x5

HBG Train Marker (Acrylic) x5

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Historical Board Gaming Custom Markers

Train & Armored Train Markers

Train:  The train marker represents military engineers and rolling stock. One unit may make a rail move any distance when stacked with a train.  The train only moves via strategic rail movement.   A train does not participate in combat but is eliminated if it remains in the hex after all other units are eliminated.  A train may be the target of an attack by a bomber making a tactical or strategic attack (i.e. on enemy facilities).  It is subject to normal interception but not ground anti-aircraft fire (unless accompanied by an AA car).  In lieu of damage it makes a regular attack on the train and the train is eliminated if hit.   Cost 5

Armored Train: An armored train functions like a train but is not blocked by the presence of Partisans.  Cost 6

Anti-Aircraft Car: The AA Car moves with the Train/Armored train giving it an AA roll of “3” vs. air attempting to attack the armored train.  Cost 1.  The car is eliminated if the train is destroyed

Artillery or Rail Gun Car: The artillery moves with the train/armored train.  Rail artillery unit acts as an artillery unit.  (Attack: 5 Defense 2 Cost 5).  The rail artillery unit along with its associated train may make a combat move of 1 so long as it is a zone that you could enter by rail.

Assault: The Assault railway car stacks with the train, and allows an additional infantry to move with the train: Cost : 3

Flat: The Flat car allows an additional armor, mechanized infantry or other vehicle to move with the train.  Cost: 5

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