HBG Weather Station Marker (Acrylic) x5
HBG Weather Station Marker (Acrylic) x5

HBG Weather Station Marker (Acrylic) x5

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German weather stations: Germany can establish weather warning stations to enhance their wartime strategies. These stations were protected by armed garrisons. 
Attack: N/A,  
Defense: 1 against infantry (1 AAA shot @ 3 or less) 
Move: N/A 
Costs: 1 IPP, 
Info: (Facility) 
If hit it is destroyed Available 39’ Abilities: Difficult to locate: Weather Stations can be placed in enemy controlled or neutral territory. Weather stations may only be attacked by infantry-class units (including Militia), cavalry, and aircraft. Other types of units may not attack them. Hostile conditions: A defending weather station and its garrison may decline combat in lieu of making its next Attack/Defense roll. Such a station is immune to further attacks that round. Valuable information: If Germany owns at least one weather station all naval units in sea zones within or north of the “West Atlantic Convoy Line” receive +1 attack for the first round of combat, and +1 convoy raiding. Civil Information: If Germany owns 2 or more weather stations, they receive +1 IPP per turn. Placement restrictions: Weather stations may be built on hostile territory. A weather station may be purchased and placed on any German ship, (sub, transport, surface warship, convoy raider) adjacent to the German homeland (weather stations do not take up space on transports). Or seaplane, (starting the turn in German territory). Once on board a transporting unit, the weather station may be delivered to specific territories (Greenland, the Baffin Islands, and the District of Keewatin, Quebec, the Shetland Islands, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland). Once placed a weather station may not be moved. Greenland Garrison: Weather bases in Greenland may be re-enforced, Germany may use seaplanes to transport one militia per turn to be “attached” to a station, these militia are placed on top of the weather base, they may not move, and defend for one round of combat if the station is attacked. These planes cannot land in Greenland if Allied or Soviet controlled and may be intercepted if an opposing airbase and fighters are present on Greenland.

Historical Board Gaming Custom Markers! 
We have heard from you gaming customers that have asked for markers that are better than cardboard, smaller than other companies that produce markers, so here they are.
Laser cut on grey acrylic, laser etched design, filled in with acrylic White paint and heat cured.
They are durable, bright, and easy to handle...1/8" (3mm) thick. 1/2" (12mm Square)
HBG stands behind ALL their custom products!

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