Ho-Ri Heavy Tank Destroyer (x5)
Ho-Ri Heavy Tank Destroyer (x5)

Ho-Ri Heavy Tank Destroyer (x5)

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The Ho-Ri was a more powerful tank destroyer (gun tank) using a 105 mm cannon in place of the 75 mm design with an additional 37 mm gun mounted in the front hull. The Ho-Ri was to use the Type 5 Chi-Ri medium tank chassis and have a crew of six. The superstructure for the main gun was placed at the rear and to have sloped armor up to 30 mm thick; the engine was positioned in the center area of the chassis and the driver's station was in the front hull section. All similar in design to the German Ferdinand/Elefant heavy tank destroyer. Another version was to have a twin 25 mm anti-aircraft gun mounted on top of the rear superstructure. The 105 mm main gun was produced and tested. However, according to multiple sources no prototypes of the Ho-Ri were completed.

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