ICBM-The Amerika Rockets -Amerika Expansion Set
ICBM-The Amerika Rockets -Amerika Expansion Set

ICBM-The Amerika Rockets -Amerika Expansion Set

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Part Number:HBG-AMK-ICBM
Download PDF (811 kb) Rules HERE v2.0 (Updated 8/14/17)

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The Missile program known as the “Aggregate Project”, was the German attempt to develop free flying Inter Continental Missiles capable of devastating cities or large concentrated forces through use of high explosive warhead delivery, and later, in the series, a small nuclear warhead. These missiles were to be based in planned occupied Greenland and captured locations in the Caribbean and South America should the United States be invaded, or, in later parts of the series launched from across the ocean itself from the homeland; a true Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.



4 Stars
Another great expansion
This rules only expansion is a very nice optional grab for Amerika. The rules are simple and easy to understand, and really add to the growing escalation at the heart of the game. It might be nice to add these to a sort of "technology dice role" with the German faction with some of the other expansion add ons, to give each game some unique variety. My only complaint with this (which is minor indeed), is that there are no pieces that come with this. To me it loses something without the tactile experience, however that is the nature of this item, and also is more a personal preference, and not a flaw in the product itself. Completely worth the paper to print it out. Thanks HBG!
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Reviewed by:  from Bothell, WA. on 3/21/2016
5 Stars
I went balistic using this. ;)
This set is awesome! Unlike some other sets, this adds a COMPLETELY new weapon to the game. I used the grey v2/nuclear missile pieces you can buy. The $1 set comes with 5 rockets which is plenty. I also bought atomic detonation markers, which come in a set of 10. I denote an A9 with a plain grey rocket. I denote an A10 as a rocket on top of a detonation chip. A rocket on an upside down chip represents a conventional A11. An A11 nuclear, is represented by an upside down chip, with a right side up chip on top of it, and a rocket on top of both. That is my suggestion, hope everyone else enjoys this as much as I do.
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Reviewed by:  from United States . on 7/22/2016

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