Industrial Production Clay Chips

Industrial Production Clay Chips

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(A) Base Set - Qty of 50 chips, 25 (1 ipc value), 15 (5 ipc value), and 10 (10 ipc value) = Total Value of 200 ipc's
(B) G40 Set - Qty of 75 chips, 25 (1 ipc value), 25 (5 ipc value), 15 (10 ipc value), 5 (25 ipc value), & 5 Tech tokens = Total Value of 425 ipc's
(C) Deluxe Upgrade - Qty of 10 chips, 5 purple (25 ipc value & 5 Black Tech Chips)
(D) Mini Upgrade - Qty of 5 Purple (25 ipc value) Chips = Total Value of 125 ipc's

Game in style with I Will Never Grow Up new Industrial Production Chips! 

These Casino grade poker chips are the perfect replacement for paper money 
(or worse; a notepad) in Axis and Allies and other strategy style games.

Show off your economic strength or intimidate and distract your opponents with a huge stack of these stylish and durable Industrial Production Chips.

Each Industrial Production Chip is a Casino quality, 10 gram, 39mm x 3mm Ceramic poker chip!

One Base set of Industrial Production Chips includes 50 chips (25 x 1's, 15 x 5's, 10 x 10's) for a total value of 200 IPCs.

(Dice, Game board and other accessories in picture not included)

5 Stars
Better Than Paper
This IPP chip set is much better than using battle bucks or IPC certificates from an Axis & Allies game. With paper bills you have to pick up each country's stack and count it and then try to remember how many Germany has when you get done with KMT on the other end of the line. Not so with chips. I can take a quick look at the treasury and compare the available funds of every player as often as I want, without slowing game play to thumb through stacks of paper. And these chips are good quality--perfect size, heavy, and they have some pretty cool artwork. The only drawback is the size of the set. I have the deluxe set, the largest available, and am having some minor inconvenience issues. In the beginning of a game, when incomes are all low, green (1 IPP) chips disappear quickly. I'm using gray unit counter chips to fill in the gaps. Toward the middle of a game, as incomes rise, blue (10 IPP) chips run short. So I use two red 5s. In the later stages of the game I can see purple (25 IPP) chips and blues running out, as the incomes of Germany, USSR, and USA stretch toward the bottom of the chart. Perhaps HBG could offer small sets of 10 greens and blues and 5 extra purples for sale, so we can augment our chip supply without having to buy another complete set. I honestly don't ever see myself running short on red (5 IPP) chips. The deluxe set has an abundance of these. Overall this is a great product.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Dixon, MO. on 3/22/2020
5 Stars
Chips Ahoy
To not have to deal with paper money has changed my gaming experience. I love the feel the weight of these chips. Well worth the investment for this customization.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Rockford. on 7/21/2019

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