Ju-287 Jet Bomber 3d Printed Set
Ju-287 Jet Bomber 3d Printed Set

Ju-287 Jet Bomber 3d Printed Set

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Download PDF (971 kb) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated 8/13/15)

The Ju-287 was a multi-engine jet powered medium bomber developed by Germany In 1944.  The role of the Ju-287 was to use its speed to outrun interceptors.  The Ju-287 had a maximum range of 1,570km


Historical Board Gaming’s line of 3D printed sets are designated in rules as “TDP” followed by a letter (TDPA, TDPB etc…) so your rules can be referenced in future expansions.  Players of Global War 1939 and Axis & Allies 1940 will find these rules compatible with those games. Some slight modifications needed for these game systems are detailed in the appendix.  This set is designated TDPEa (our original set TDPE had the Triebflugel which is now sold separately)


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Ju-287 Set

Ju-287 Jet Bomber (x1) 3d Printed in Black or Grey



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