Ju-288G Ship Killer (3d Printed) x ONE
Ju-288G Gerat

Ju-288G Ship Killer (3d Printed) x ONE

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37.3mm wingspan

Download PDF (635 kb) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated 8/25/15)

Be-4 Set

Ju-288G (x1) 3d Printed in Black or Dark Grey

The Ju-288G was a planned anti-shipping version of the Ju-288 bomber.  Instead of a conventional bomb load the aircraft carried a 355mm (14in) recoilless cannon.  A recoilless cannon, true to its name, would reduce the recoil of the cannon by venting some gases out the rear of the cannon.   While less accurate and lacking the muzzle velocity of ship-based gun, the Ju-288Gs armament would have been very effective against unarmored targets like transports and convoys.



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