Jutland By Game Dreamers (Free Download)

Jutland By Game Dreamers (Free Download)

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This is the game of Iron Ships and Steel Courage on the high seas where the major portions of two major powers navies are put to a classic struggle and your nation’s fleet could have been lost in the span of a single afternoon. You will command the British grand fleet and finally come to terms with the Kaisers fleet in a all out battle or as the German high seas fleet you will be entrusted with the coming out party and put an end to English naval superiority. Decide the fate of maritime sea power for the next hundred years. The battle line forms on May 31st 1916.

This game was done by "Imperious Leader" and has been donated to HBG so we can offer it to you as a FREE download. Picture shows only half of the map. Download will include both map sections, rules, setup, and counters to print for playing the game.

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