Kursk: Operation Zitadelle Map
Kursk: Operation Zitadelle Map

Kursk: Operation Zitadelle Map

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Kursk: Operation Zitadelle

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August 1943, outside the city of Kursk, Russia…

Germany prepares to force the Russian line back in the largest tank battle of World War II! As hundreds of Tiger and Panther tanks amass outside Kursk with the support of the new deadly Elefant tank-destroyers, the Soviets have their famous T-34 tanks set to counter the Nazi threat aided by KV-1 heavy tanks and Su-152 self-propelled artillery.

Fight this famous battle of armor versus armor, and use the aircraft, artillery, and many of the tank units made famous there to outwit and out maneuver the enemy. With a full set of unique playing pieces in the same scale as other well known games of the genre, the battle of Kursk will be recreated using a D12 combat system, area movement and area control game mechanics.

Contents will include a map, Download Rules, and download Charts.

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