Little Willie Tank (3d Printed) x5
Little Willie Tank (3d Printed) x5

Little Willie Tank (3d Printed) x5

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Sold in Quantity of 5 pieces

3d Printed in Light Grey

Size: 0.78" (19.9mm) long

Work on Little Willie's predecessor was begun in July 1915 by the Landship Committee to meet The United Kingdom's requirement in World War I for an armoured combat vehicle able to cross an 8-foot (2.4 m) trench. After several other projects where single and triple tracks had failed, on 22 July William Ashbee Tritton, director of the agricultural machinery company William Foster & Company of Lincoln, was given the contract to develop a "Tritton Machine" with two tracks. It had to make use of the track assemblies – lengthened tracks and suspension elements (seven road wheels instead of four) – purchased as fully built units from the Bullock Creeping Grip Tractor Company in Chicago.

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