M4 Sherman M32 3D Printed (x ONE)
M4 Sherman M32 3D Printed (x ONE)

M4 Sherman M32 3D Printed (x ONE)

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3D Printed in Grey

Global War Scale

The M32 Armored Recovery Vehicle was an armored recovery vehicle (ARV) used during World War II and the Korean War by the United States, and was based on the chassis of the M4 Sherman. During World War II, the British also used several hundred M32s, which were obtained through Lend-Lease in 1944.

The M32 entered service with the US Army in July 1943. They served in the Italian Campaign, Operation Overlord, and many other battles in the European Theater of Operations. It had an armament that consisted of an 81 mm mortar, which was used to cover emergency retreats, and a 0.5 in (13 mm) M2 Browning machine gun combined with a 0.3 in (7.6 mm) M1919 machine gun. There were 20 hand grenades (Fragmentation Mk.II), and six smoke grenades in the crew compartment. The armament was used only for self-defense, as the vehicle was not designed to be used as an offensive weapon.

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