M4 Sherman T52 3D Printed (x ONE)
M4 Sherman T52 3D Printed (x ONE)

M4 Sherman T52 3D Printed (x ONE)

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3D Printed in Grey

Global War Scale

The T52 was the result of a proposal from the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company that happened to match a set of requirements that was developed at a US Army conference in May 1942. The Firestone design was for a ball type turret (rather resembling a barrel), with a single 40mm Bofors gun mounted in the centre and two .50in machine guns mounted on the ends of the barrel. The turret carried a crew of two - the gunner on the right had to aim and fire the gun and reload the right-hand machine gun, while the loader on the left had to load the 40mm gun and the left-hand machine gun and set the range indicator. This variant was never adopted for production.

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