Manchukuo-Puppets of the Empire-1936 Expansion
Manchukuo-Puppets of the Empire-1936 Expansion

Manchukuo-Puppets of the Empire-1936 Expansion

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Set Contents                                                                                             

Manchukuo-Puppets of the Empire Set

·      Manchukuo Nation Roundel (x5)

·       CCP Nation Roundel (x3)

·        Infantry (x6) (Painted Only on Yellow Gold Set)

·        Motorized Infantry (x1)

·        BA-6 Armored Car (x1)

·        Cavalry (Painted) x3

·        Artillery (x2)

·        Militia Marker (x2)

·        Manchukuo Imperial Guard Marker (x1)

·        Kwangtung Army Marker (x4)

·        Patrol River Boat Marker (x2)

·        Minor Factory Marker (x2)

Manchukuo was a puppet state of the Japanese Empire. The Japanese seized the area in 1931 on

the fabricated pretext of Chinese aggression known as the Mukden Incident. In truth, the Japanese

desired the region (known as Manchuria) for its extensive wealth of minerals. The Japanese

attempted to bring large numbers of settlers into the area to colonize and farm. During the Japanese

occupation Manchukuo’s industrial base expanded rapidly. Cities, factories and railways were

modernized. Between 1938 and 1942 about 200,000 Japanese farmers immigrated to Manchukuo.

The Soviets reportedly captured and repatriated 850,000 Japanese settlers after their invasion of

Manchukuo in 1945. The Japanese used Manchuria to prepare for war, creating industry and

infrastructure to support their planned conquest of Asia.



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