Mechanized: M3 Halftrack - United States (Europe 1940)

Mechanized: M3 Halftrack - United States (Europe 1940)

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M3/M5 Halftrack Personnel Carrier

Light & Early Medium Tanks & TD’s



Gun caliber



M3/ M5 Halftrack Personnel Carrier

9.1-9.3 t

1x.50 & 2x.30

45 pmh (68 km/h)

3+10 Infantrymen



M3/M5 Halftrack Personnel Carrier


ID: Plastic Tank gaming piece: US M5 Halftrack personnel carrier piece from the game Axis & Allies Europe 40 & Pacific 40.


The Story of the US Halftracks: Just as the Germans had their Sd. Kfz. 251 large & 250 small halftracks, the US had its M3 large and M2 small halftracks.  In fact, the US, with its vast industrial potential, produced about three times as many of them!  The most-produced model was the M3 Halftrack Personnel Carrier; about 43,000 were produced of just that model alone.  It was designed by the White Corporation and based on as many existing components as possible from their commercial trucks and their M3 Scout Car & M2 Halftrack Car to help improve its mass-production capability.  With almost half-again as much horsepower and weighing about the same as its German arch-rival, the Sd. Kfz.251, it was, just as you would expect, capable of going at least half again as fast!  With White unable to manufacture them fast enough to keep up with Army demands, several other companies began manufacturing additional M3’s, M2’s and specialist variants of each. The M5 was a very similar (visually almost identical) vehicle manufactured by International Harvester Corporation with a different engine and slightly thicker armor.  International also produced a smaller version, the M9, which had the same relationship to the M5 as the M2 had to the M3.  These International-made versions were primarily produced for the Lend-Lease program, so they could be seen in large numbers in British/ Commonwealth and Soviet service as well!


Usage Notes: Use this piece for “Global 1939” and “Invasion of Italy” Variants as a mechanized infantry unit.  Other US Pieces of interest may be: the 105 mm Howitzer & the M4 Sherman Tank.  Other halftracks of interest may be: the German Sd. Kfz. 251 Halftrack & the Soviet ZIS-42 Halftrack.

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Mechanized Infantry: Accept No Substitute
World War II was the first war in which infantry could and did "ride" into combat. Having your own tracked vehicle, capable of carrying you and your equipment, right into battle was an amazing development in land warfare. These half-tracks are worth every penny. Whether you are playing Axis and Allies, Memoir'44, or a micro miniatures game such as Command Decision: Test of Battle, these sculpts will make you wonder how you ever got along without them!
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