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Global War 1936:
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Nation Reference Sheets:
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Australia Naval (1967-P) Ensign (10/set)

Australia Naval (1911-P) Logo (10/set)

British (1277-1484) Ensign (10/set)

British (1485-1603) Ensign (10/set)

British (1625-1799) Ensign (10/set)

British (1630-1707) White Ensign (10/set)

British (1707-1799) Ensign (10/set)

British Squadron (1702-1707) Ensign (10/set)

Canada Naval (1922-57) Jack (10/set)

Canada Naval (1911-22) Jack (10/set)

Canada Naval (1945-49) Emblem (10/set)

China (1949-P) Badge (10/set)

China (1949-P) Ensign (10/set)

China Admiral Naval (1909-11) Flag (10/set)

China Army Navy (1949-P) Emblem (10/set)

China Imperial Admiral of the Fleet (1890-1909) Flag

China Imperial Naval Fleet (1874-95) Flag (10/set)

China-Taiwan Naval (1924-P) Logo (10/set)

CSA Naval (1861–1863) Ensign (10/set)

France Navy (1990-P) Logo (10/set)

USA Naval (1960-P) Jack (10/set)

Germany Bundeswer (1956-P) Logo (10/set)

Germany Naval (1956-P) Ensign (10/set)

Germany Naval Ensign & Jack (1921-33) (1

Germany Reichsflotte (1848-52) Jack 

Germany_(1867–1892) Ensign (10/set)

Germany-East Naval (1960-90) Ensign 

Germany-East Naval (1960-90) Jack (10/set)

India Naval (2001-04) Ensign (10/set)

India Naval (2004-14) Ensign (10/set)

India Naval (2014-P) Ensign (10/set)

Israel Naval (1948-P) Ensign (10/set)

Italy Naval (1879-1900) Jack (10/set)

Italy-Naval (1947-P) Jack (10/set)

Japan MSDF (1954-P) Logo (10/set)

Korea-North Naval (1946-P Ensign (10/set)

Korea-North Navy (1992-2012) Flag (10/set)

Korea-North Navy (2012-P) Flag (10/set)

Korea-South Naval (1945-P) Jack (10/set)

Korea-South Naval (2000-P) Emblem 

Korea-South naval (2000-P) Logo (10/set)

Netherlands Naval (1931-P) Jack (10/set)

Prussia Naval (1816-1819) Ensign (10/set)

Prussia Naval 1819-1850 Ensign (10/set)

Russia Naval (1700-1865) Ensign (10/set)

Russia Naval (1935-1950) Ensign (10/set)

Russia Naval(1924-1935) Ensign (10/set)

Russia-USSR Naval (1932-1964) Jack 

Russia-USSR Naval (1935-1950) Ensign 

Russia-USSR Naval (1964-92) Jack (10/set)

Bohemia & Moravia (1939-45) Flag (10/set)

Slovenia (1941-45) Flag (10/set)

Yugoslavia_(1918–41) Flag (10/set)

Yugoslavia_(1946-92) Flag (10/set)

Serbia (1941-45) Flag (10/set)




Stormtrooper (WW1)
TOG2 Heavy Tank (WW2)
Roon Class Armored Cruiser (WW1) 
Nassau Class Battleship (WW1)
Helgoland Class Battleship (WW1)
Kaiser Class Battleship (WW1)
Konig Class Battleship (WW1)
Deutschland Class Pre-Dreadnought (WW1)

Generic Capitol Building

Shores of Tripoli Wargame

1/72 Space Battle #1 (DDS)
1/72 Space Battles #2 (DDS)
1/72 French Foreign Legion in Camp (Strelets)
1/72 French Foreign Legion in Attack (Strelets)
1/72 Arabs in Retreat (Strelets)
1/72 Bavarian Infantry on the March (Strelets)
1/72 Africa Corps Mortar Squad (Strelets)
1/72 Japanese Type 11 Gun with Crew (Strelets)
1/72 M1916 37mm Gun w/ French Foreign Legion Crew (Strelets)

Army of the Vosges (1871) Flag (10/set)

Baden Grand Duchy of (1891–1918) Flag (10/set)

Bandera de los Treinta y Tres Orientales (1825-28) Flag (10/set)

Bavaria, Kingdom of 1805-1918) Flag (10/set)

Belarus (1918, 1991–95) Flag (10/set)

Byelorussian SSR (1922–91) Flag (10/set)

California (1861-65) Flag (10/set)

Cape Colony (1876–1910) Flag (10/set)

France East India Company (1664-1794) Flag (10/set)

France Revolutionist (1790) Flag (10/set)

France Royalist (1789-99) France (10/set)

Hessen, Grand Duchy of (1806-1918) (10/set)

Idrisid Emirate of Asir (1909-27) Flag (10/set)

Iran-Persia (1852-1907) Flag (10/set)

Italy (1805-1814) Flag (10/set)

Kurds (Indigeous) (10/set)

Lombardy–Venetia Kingdom of (1815-1866) (10/set)

Milan Provisional Govt Flag (10/set)

Modena & Reggio (1830-1859) Flag (10/set)

Most Merciful Savior (1552) Banner (10/set)

Nassau Duchy of (1806-1866) Flag (10/set)

New Zealand (1902-P) Flag (10/set)

Orange Free State (1854–1902) Flag (10/set)

Papal States (754-1808) Flag (10/set)

Paraguay_(1842-1954) Flag (10/set)

Philippines (1898-P) Flag (10/set)

Puerto Rico (1952-P) Flag (10/set)

Roman Republic (1849) (10/set)

Rough Riders (1898) Flag (10/set)

Russia Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1917-91) Flag  (10/set)

Sac & Fox Tribe (10/set)

Saxony Kingdom of (1806-1918) Flag (10/set)

Sicily (1848-1849) Flag (10/set)

Texas Revolution (1835) Flag (10/set)

Turkey-Ottoman Empire (1793-1844) Flag (10/set)

Tuscany Grand Duchy (1765-1848) Flag (10/set)

Tuscany Grand Duchy (1848-1849) (10/set)

Ukraine SSR (1950-91) Flag (10/set)

Venezuela (1905–30) Flag (10/set)

Venice Republic (1848–49) (10/set)

Warsaw Pact (1955-91) Symbol (10/set)

Württemberg, Kingdom of (1805-1918) (10/set)







Brequet 14 (Bomber) Soon
France Farman F.50 WW1 Bomber (soon)
Austria Hungary Hansa-Brandenburg G.I WW1 Bomber (soon)
British Handley Page Type O-400 WW1 Bomber (soon)
Japanese H6K Mavis Seaplane (Soon)
German Gotha G.V. (Soon)


11/2/20 (Video) 


10/19/20 (Video)   

10/13/20 (Video)

10/5/20 (Video)
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