Plan Z- Global War Expansion
Plan Z- Global War Expansion

Plan Z- Global War Expansion

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Download v2 map Rules 3.52 Mb HERE (updated 11/22/16)

Download v3 map Rules 3.2 Mb HERE (updated 3/10/20)

Our latest release for Global War is WAR PLAN Z - Hitler's plan to create a vast Germany navy that could challenge the British Fleet.  In this expansion the German player has an option to commit to building the ships in one of three historically researched plans (1934, 1938 & 1939).

In this set we also introduce something really cool, which is a PRINT ON DEMAND pieces at Shapeways.  Our rules have a link to our Shapeways Store where you can order the units you want or go HERE to the Plan Z category on Shapeways for the quantities, color, and material you want  (Plus there are over 100 other pieces there you might not have seen yet).  Since this is a big set we want you to have what you want, how you want it.

New units in this set include: H-39 Heavy Battleships, O-Class Battlecruisers, P-Class Panzerschiffe, M-Class Light Cruisers, Graf Zeppelin Carriers and Spahkreuzer heavy destroyers.  If thats not enough we have rules in this set for convoy raiding with ships!   Lots of new stuff, lots of new choices in Plan Z!!!


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