Project 50 UD-1 (3d Printed) x ONE
Project 50 UD-1 (3d Printed) x ONE

Project 50 UD-1 (3d Printed) x ONE

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3D Printed in Grey and Black

59 x 5.21 x 7.01mm

The UD-1 was a secret submarine project in 1918. Work started in Feb 1918 when "War contract AA" was awarded to KW Kiel for a U Cruiser of this type. In May work started in the mould-loft and work shops in great secrecy. But the keel was not laid down yet at the end of the war.

All Approx: 

length overall 125m. 

Max beam 10.5m.

draught 6m

displacement surfaced 3,800t

propulsion surfaced 4: 6,000 hp steam turbines, 2 450 hp diesel generators

propulsion submerged 2: 1,900 hp SSW electric motors

speed surfaced 25knots

speed submerged 9.5 knots

armament: six torpedo tubes [four submerged bow, two submerged stern]

three or four 15cm U-Boat guns

crew: 104



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