Rome: Fall of the Empire Map
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Rome: Fall of the Empire Map

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Reenact the fall of the Roman Empire in this grand campaign map. Hold the line as the Eastern or Western Roman Empire, supplant the empire with your kingdom as the tribal factions of the Sassanids, Franks and Goths, or trample all before you as the Huns. Each faction has unique victory conditions and ways to play. With numerous paths to victory, including variants, the game offers much replay-ability. 

Designed by: Jonathan Galvez

Players: 3-6

Time: 1.5 hours

Low-medium Complexity

Map Size: 18" x 34" printed on heavy Vinyl

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What you will need to play:

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Minimum: 2 Generals, 10 Infantry, 5 Cavalry, 2 Artillery, 2 Galleys

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