Russian Be-4 Seaplane Set (3d Printed) x ONE
Be-4 Seaplane

Russian Be-4 Seaplane Set (3d Printed) x ONE

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3d printed
Color: Grey
Size 22mm wingspan

Download PDF (520 kb) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated July 2015)

The Beriev Be-4 (originally designated KOR-2) was a reconnaissance flying boat built to operate from Soviet warships during World War II. The Be-4 was an elegant, parasol-winged monoplane with a slight inverse-gull wing. The large radial engine was mounted in a nacelle above the fuselage.

Sea plane bases were important facilities throughout the 1920s and 1930s.  Seaplanes were opened up new and quicker routes to areas in the Pacific and South America where there were few serviceable airfields.  Seaplanes were an important part of all national arsenals in World War II to provide maritime patrol, anti-submarine duties, search and rescue, and other duties.

HBG Customer House Rule:

Cost 8 , Attack 1,  Defense 1, Move 4, with the capability to transport 1 infantry in lieu of attack; attack and/or move +1 if launched from seaplane tender.



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