RussianT-35 Tank (3d Printed)

RussianT-35 Tank (3d Printed)

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Download PDF (2.1 MB) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated 6/2/16)

T-35 Tank

T-35 Tank (x1) 3d Printed in Brown

Rule Set (x1)

The T-35 was a Soviet heavy tank developed

during the inter-war period. This multi-turreted

giant entered service in 1935. Like other tanks

of its era it was intended as a "breakthrough"

vehicle for use in World War I style trench

warfare. The tank featured a 76mm main

gun with secondary 45mm turrets and five to

six machineguns. Many of the 61 built were

still operational during Operation Barbarossa

but they were unusually prone to mechanical

breakdown and considered unreliable.

These rules are written Global War - 2nd edition, however at the end of this document are a few changes necessary to play these with Global War 1st edition or Axis and Allies 1940.



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