Saenger Silverbird Bomber 3D Printed (x ONE)
Saenger Silverbird Bomber 3D Printed (x ONE)

Saenger Silverbird Bomber 3D Printed (x ONE)

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Download PDF (892 kb) Rules HERE v1.0 (Updated 10/24/16)

The Sänger Silbervogel “Silverbird” bomber developed from the idea of an intercontinental bomber that would glide around the world on the fringes of space and the Earth’s atmosphere. Launched from a base in Nazi Occupied Europe, it would travel down an approximately three-mile long monorail track, launched initially by V-2 rocket engines into space at a speed so fast, it would circle the earth in only a few hours. Its payload was to be a single composite bomb containing nuclear particles in a fashion similar to “chaff”, with an initial detonation in the higher atmosphere above a city to ensure complete coverage of the nuclear material.

 The bomb itself was a 5,000-pound high explosive warhead wrapped in special insulated blankets of radioactive silicone, detonating at about 2,000-3,000 feet above the target city. The end result would be radioactive sickness and death for those on the receiving end.

 After mission completion, the bomber would glide back to Germany reentering the atmosphere gradually and landing at a specially designated airfield. The cost of producing the bomb and the bomber itself though would render this weapon as a relatively expensive endeavor suited mostly for preemptive strikes against heavily fortified cities with the aim to wipe them out quickly.

HBG Customer House Rule:

Silverbird GW1936 rules

 Silverbird is build in two turns and costs 10/10 IPP. It could be build once per game. It must be build together with a rocket base

(HBG-ACR-333) because it needs monorails for take-off (costs for the rocket base are included). This rocket base must be connected to a major factory in the homeland by rail. The rocket base is a facility with max.

damage 5 and inherent AA. Silverbird could only be build if the Germans have researched long-range aircraft and strategic rockets.

 Silverbird has unlimited combat movement range. It attacks like a heavy strategic bomber (either strategic bombing or carpet bombing). It cannot be hit by any unit or AA. It returns in non-combat movement phase to the rocket base. If the rocket base is damaged, Silverbird cannot attack. If the rocket base is destroyed, Silverbird is destroyed as well.

Silverbird could deliver an atomic bomb like a strategic bomber (GW1936-X-44-B), if the Germans have produced one. Silverbird could be used as a launch platform for chemical and biological weapons (GW1936-X-19).

 Optional rule A: Dirty Bomb

Silverbird could attack with a dirty radioactive bomb instead of conventional bombs. In this case, no strategic bombing or carpet bombing happens, but the target land zone is marked with a radiation marker (HBG-SUB-313). Each radiation marker permanently negates one IPC of the land zone's value.

 Optional rule B: Keldysh Bomber

If the Germans have researched long-range aircraft and strategic rockets and Soviet Union has created a spy network in Germany and the Soviet player rolls 3 or less with a D12 during production phase, the Soviets have successfully stolen the Silverbird construction plans. The Soviets may than build their own Silverbird as specified in the rules above (a Silverbird piece may be painted in dark red for this purpose).

It costs 3 IPP to establish a spy network. The spy network is marked with a spy marker (HBG-ACR-0235) at the German capital. Each turn, the German player may attempt to eliminate the spy network by spending 3 IPP and rolling a 3 or less with D12.

 Optional Rule C: Blue Horizon

If the USA has researched long-range aircraft and strategic rockets, they may build a rocket base and a rocket interceptor (Plastic

Rocket-BLK) for 10 IPP. When a Silverbird or a Keldysh bomber is attacking USA land zones anywhere in the world, the Blue Horizon interceptor could make a first strike against it with attack value 7. If successfull, Silverbird/Keldysh bomber is destroyed.

(this one has been inspired by "V-S Day" from Allen Steele)

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Not my preference
This set of rules is an alternative to the set found in "Target Amerika." However, I prefer that set of rules. I feel like this is a stretch, and I don't feel like this set of rules is quite balanced. I believe that this set effectively makes the silverbird an icbm, but that is unclear to me. I am also bothered by the plane's suposed ability to attack two separate spaces, and I don't understand how this plane has an air to air combat value, when there is no secondary armament. However, I do like the rules from "Target Amerika" so I recommend that people use that set of rules, because the pieces are the same.
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