Skink AA Tank (3d Printed) x5
Skink AA Tank (3d Printed) x5

Skink AA Tank (3d Printed) x5

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3d Printed in Light Grey
Size: 20mm) long

Tank AA, 20 mm Quad, Skink was a Canadian self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, developed in 1943–44, in response to a requirement from the First Canadian Army. Due to a lack of threat from the German Luftwaffe, the Skink was cancelled in 1944 after only 3 were built. (More on Wiki HERE)

HBG Customer House Rule:

Available Jan 1941

Cost: 5. Move: 2, Attack 1 (Air units only), Defend: 1 (Air units only)

It attacks and defends against aircraft only. If on defense and it is the only unit left, it may be captured.



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