Tankograd Factory 3D Printed (x ONE)
Tankograd Factory 3D Printed (x ONE)

Tankograd Factory 3D Printed (x ONE)

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3d printed in Grey

Size: 23 mm Long

During World War II seven other industrial entities (including most of Leningrad's Kirov Plant and 15,000 of its workers) were either wholly or partially relocated to Chelyabinsk, the resulting enterprise commonly known as 'Tankograd', or 'Tank City'. The work force increased to 60,000 workers by 1944, from 25,000 during non-military production; during the conflict the works produced 18,000 tanks, and 48,500 tank diesel engines as well as over 17 million units of ammunition. Production included the KV tank from 1941, T-34 tank from 1942, KV-85 tank and IS tanks from 1943, and T-34/85 tank and SU-85 self-propelled field gun from 1944By 1945 the plant had been awarded the Order of Kutuzov, 1st Class, the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Red Star, and other honors for its efforts in helping to defeat Nazi Germany.

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