The Elite of the Third Reich (The SS) Global War Expansion
The Elite of the Third Reich (The SS) Global War Expansion

The Elite of the Third Reich (The SS) Global War Expansion

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Download v2 map Rules HERE, (File Size 6.8 mb) Updated 11/21/17

Download v3 map Rules HERE, (File Size 6.8 mb) Updated 3/10/20

Contents: (60 Markers)

1 ea. of SS Divisions 1-38

1 ea. of SS Paper Divisions: 39-45

6 SS Divs (Generic)

1 ea. of 500th & 600th SS Para Div.

1 ea. of 101, 102, & 103rd SS Hvy Tank

1 Z.v SS Div

1 ea. of 1st & 2nd SS Cossack Div

1 Special Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Div.

Historical Board Gaming is excited to present SS Divisions of the Third Reich © (SS) – An exploration of Germany’s Elite SS units in World War II.  In this expansion we will present both a Basic and Advanced version to suit your style of play.    In the basic version Germany can build up to 35 unique SS units of different types based on their historic availability.  In the advanced version we allow you to follow the historical progression of each unit as they changed to different types (infantry, mechanized, armor etc..) during the war.

1.0 SS DIVISIONS                                                                         

1.0  Overview: Germany receives SS Divisions and the ability to create or upgrade divisions based on their historic availability.  This replaces the German ability to purchase SS Panzer Grenadiers listed on the German National Reference Sheet.

2.0 SS DIVISIONS – GENERAL RULES                                             

 2.1 Availability:: On specific turns players get the option to place SS markers under certain types of units and in some cases may get entire SS units for free. If a player cannot meet all the requirements to place the SS marker – such as owning the zone or having the correct type of unit present – the opportunity is lost.

 2.2 Placement: When the rules state that you can put an SS marker beneath a specific type of unit, that type of unit must be present in the zone to place the SS marker.  Note that this could be a unit that was already there or a unit that was placed in the place units phase.  All units are placed in Place Units and Collect Income Phase and upgrades are paid for at time of placement.

 2.3 Elimination: Once an SS unit is eliminated in combat remove the marker from the game.  It can no longer be upgraded and cannot be rebuilt.

 2.4 Upgrades: Sometimes SS units will be “upgraded”. For example a rule might ask you to change an infantry to a mechanized infantry. In these instances you will simply change the piece on top of the marker to reflect a different type of unit.  Upgrades are done during the Place Units and Collect Income Phase.

4.0 Advanced rules                                                               

 4.0 Advanced Rules: In the advanced rules SS divisions change overtime.  A division might, for example, start out as an infantry, later become a mechanized and ultimately end the game as an armored division (assuming it survives – a big “if” in Global War!).  Unlike the basic rules there is no cost to place SS markers but there are more stringent requirements for units being in the right place at the right time in order to get the upgrades as paying costs to upgrade from one type of unit to another.

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Great Flavor!
Besides giving your troops a bit of a buff to defeat the communists, it adds awesome story telling for the war. All the markers are beautiful, and historically accurate. It gives all of the SS marker packs in one pretty bundle. Worth it!
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