The Hussar

The Hussar

6029 South Sheridan Road
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145
(918) 492-3559
Please visit "The Tulsa Show" when visiting Tulsa, OK

The Hussar is a treasure trove of all things military. Inside you will find miniatures of all descriptions including prepainted figures by Britians, kits from manufacturers like Pegaso, Andrea, Warriors, Michael Roberts, Jaguar, Thoroughbred Miniatures and many others. Also available are an assortment of diorama accessories from Bayardi, Verlinden and others. To the left is your friendly proprietor, Mike Davidson, behind the cash register. A large selection of reference books from Osprey, Schiffer and others,is available for modelers and collectors. Military themed prints by Don Troiani, Keith Rocco and others adorn the walls. British and some US Militaria are displayed in every nook and cranny, some for sale and others merely for your viewing pleasure. There are many figures, models and dioramas around the shop in various display cases, again some are for sale and some are merely for your perusal. Below are a couple more views of the shop, but there is nothing like seeing it in person, so come on by if you are in the Tulsa area!

We will be your source for:

Military Miniatures

Military History Books

Toy Soldiers

Millitary Artwork

Modeling Reference Books

Diorama Supplies