Transport: Danzig Class - Germany (42 2nd Ed)
Transport: Danzig Class - Germany (42 2nd Ed)

Transport: Danzig Class - Germany (42 2nd Ed)

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Dithmarschen Class Transport

(“Danzig Class”)

Ship/ Class




Main Arm.





178.25 m

22 m

20858 t

3x 150 mm

21 kts.





Dithmarschen Class Transport


ID: Plastic transport gaming piece: Dithmarschen class transport from the game Axis & Allies.


The Story of the Dithmarschen Class: Tankers, transports and freighters rarely get the credit they deserve, but no fleet could operate without them.  The German Dithmarschen class was a significant step forward in this regard: it carried all the oil, dry supplies, and even ammunition needed to keep a German warship operational all in a “one stop shop.”  The Germans, unlike the British and Americans, did not have a network of friendly ports and bases around the world to replenish their ships, and so the Germans’ skillful use of pre-positioned ships like this was a bold and revolutionary solution for its time.  The US learned from these techniques, building an amazing network of oilers and replenishment ships of its own that allowed it to project unprecedented power across the central Pacific later in the war.  Later still, though, when the US claimed some Dithmarschen class ships as war prizes, they realized that in the specifics of how to design a ship for such an underway replenishment role, the German engineers still had some things to teach them, for the ships of the Dithmarschen class would have a tremendous impact on the design of future US replenishment ships!


Usage Notes: Use this piece for “Global 1939” and “Invasion of Italy” Variants as a transport unit.  Other German warships of interest may be: the Hipper class cruiser, the Bismark class battleship, & the Graf Zeppelin class aircraft carrier.

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