Transport: Liberty Ship Class - United States (Guadalcanal)
Transport: Liberty Ship Class - United States (Guadalcanal)

Transport: Liberty Ship Class - United States (Guadalcanal)

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Liberty Ship Transport

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Liberty Ship Transport


ID: Plastic transport gaming piece: Liberty Ship transport from the game Axis & Allies Europe 40 & Pacific 40.


The Story of the Liberty Ship: In a remarkable feat of US industrial might, the Americans eventually started churning out transport ships faster than the German U-Boat captains could sink them, and the humble Liberty ships she produced were a key part of this equation.  Designed to be built fast to a standard design, the US produced these ships at an unheard-of pace.  A total of 2,751 were built during the war, the largest number of ships ever produced to a single design, and a record that seems very unlikely to ever be broken.  Designed only to last for 5 years as a “war emergency” plan, many, in fact, survived much longer.  One was even produced in the record pace of 4 days, 15 ½ hours!  With such a prodigious fleet being built at such a rate, the US was soon able to shift its resources and project its power all around the globe, the US was on its way to becoming an unstoppable juggernaut of production that would be almost impossible for the Axis forces to stop!


Usage Notes: Use this piece for “Global 1939” and “Invasion of Italy” Variants as a transport unit.  Other US warships of interest may be: Portland class cruiser, Iowa class battleship, & Wasp class aircraft carrier.

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