VS 8 Transport Hydrofoil (3d Printed) x5
VS 8 Transport Hydrofoil (3d Printed) x5

VS 8 Transport Hydrofoil (3d Printed) x5

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Germany experimented with various hydrofoil designs since the late 1938, most of them being design studies for fast attack craft. One remarkable exception was the Fast Hydrofoil Transport VS8 and its sister ship, the VS9 .

Being able to transport one small or medium tank, (Type 38T or IV) which was stored on a special designed pontoon in the back of the ship, the VS8 was build as a prototype for experimenting with this kind of transport method. To load or unload the tank, the bay in the back of the ship was flooded and the pontoon, equipped with two 40 hp engines, could be removed or loaded on the ship. Experiments showed that loading the pontoon took less than two minutes, unloading less than one.
Besides its task as a fast transport, it was also discussed to use the ship as a fast mine layer, capable of laying 15-20 mines.

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