Vichy Army Set for Global War 1936v3
Vichy Army Set

Vichy Army Set for Global War 1936v3

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Vichy Army in Light Blue:

Set is put together to give you a complete set of playing pieces for GW1936v3. Everything you should need to get the Vichy Army involved in the game.

24 Marker set
5 Militia
2 Marine
1 Mountain
1 Airborne
15 Vichy Roundels

46 Battle Piece Set                
12 Infantry
2 Foreign Legion
3 Artillery
3 Medium Tanks
3 Mechanized Infantry
2 Fighters
1 Tactical Bomber
1 Medium Bomber
2 Battleships
1 Fleet carrier
2 Transport ships
2 Heavy Cruisers
3 Destroyers
3 Submarines
2 Airborne Infantry
2 Mack Trucks
1 Tank Destroyer
1 Transport plane
1  Escort Carrier

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