WW II UK CAM Ship 3d Printed) xONE
WW II UK CAM Ship 3d Printed) xONE

WW II UK CAM Ship 3d Printed) xONE

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3d Printed in Light Grey

CAM ships were World War II-era British merchant ships used in convoys as an emergency stop-gap until sufficient escort carriers became available. CAM ship is an acronym for catapult aircraft merchant ship.They were equipped with a rocket-propelled catapult launching a single Hawker Hurricane, dubbed a "Hurricat" or "Catafighter" to destroy or drive away an attacking bomber. Normally the Hurricane fighter would be lost when the pilot then bailed out or ditched in the ocean near the convoy. CAM ships continued to carry their normal cargoes after conversion.

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HBG Customer House Rule:

Catapult Ship - ATT: 0   DEF: 2 [d12] (or 1 [d6] in A&A1940)   MOVE: 2

  •  - Can carry up to 1 infantry unit, 1 vehicle, & 1 fighter at a time, or up to 2 infantry & 1 fighter at a time. 
  • - Fighters on Catapult Ships can take off to participate in naval combat, but fighters can't land on the Catapult Ship

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