WWII in Europe Vinyl map & Electronic Rules
Europe at War

WWII in Europe Vinyl map & Electronic Rules

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You will  receive a 28" x 44" full color Vinyl map.

You will also be able to download a 16mb Downloadable file so that it can be printed out if you like. Rules, Setup charts, and maps are in PDF format. Recommended Map size is 28" x 44"

Additional shipping costs are required and you will be refunded any difference.

World War II in Europe is a theatre level game that begins in either the fall of 1939 or the spring of 1941. You take on the side of the Axis with Germany and Italy or the Allies with France, USA, UK and USSR.

-This game features rules for terrain, such as rivers, deserts, mountains and woodlands.
-Supply will be important, as your armies can be cut off and destroyed.
-Unique combat system.
-Fleets can intercept each other with the naval interception rules.
-Convoys will need to be protected in order to ensure safe supply to your troops, as well ascollecting the needed raw materials for making your weapons of war.
-Optional rules, such as technology, Vichy France or the advanced naval rules add complexity.

Needed to play this game, you will need:

Axis & Allies Europe 1940
10 supply markers or Brown Poker Chips
10 cut off from supply markers
6 paratroopers (1 for each country) -Airborne Roundels

2 Stars
Beautiful Map/Rules deeply flawed, not ready for release
In a nut shell; VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! My sons and I tried for a full week to understand the game and get it going. We were in regular email communication with whom I believe is the writer of the game. We had many of our questions answered and ambiguities in the rules clarified, but It just was not working for us. Now before you think we are a few Risk players just in over their heads, let me say that we are long time war-gamers not afraid of complicated rules. Hell, we even play the old Avalon Hill game Third Reich. (I think A World in Flames may be the only WWII game more complicated) Our favorite game is Axis & Allies. We own just about every version including the Europe/Pacific 1940 games. For some time now, we have wanted something with the fast pace and playability of Axis & Allies but with more realism and additional game mechanics encompassing things like supply and sea transport. This is why we were so excited about Europe at War and why the game's shortcomings are such an extra disappointment. Please don't missinterpret my criticism of the game as a lack of appreciation for the work the writers did. My son and I created a set of house rules for Axis & Allies Europe/Pacific 1940 which we properly printed and hosted the game at a convention last year. We did an immense amount of work on this and we did not have to create the game from scratch, so I can certainly appreciate the work done by the creators of Europe at War. The makers of this game have some very interesting and clever ideas. In fact, I would say that every new system introduced was good and many are systems I have been trying to integrate into Axis & Allies for some time. This is not the place to go into detailed explanations of what was wrong with each and every rule. Perhaps I could get back in touch with the writers and see if they want my input. I would even be wiling to help play test the game. And this brings me to my final assessment. Although very promising, this game was simply not ready for release and should not have been. The game needs fine tuning in some places, moderate revisions in others and major reworking in some.
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Reviewed by:  from Boston. on 1/11/2013
4 Stars
Europe at War
I've got this map printed on A0 and it absolutely awesome. Well done HBG!
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Reviewed by:  from The Hague. on 12/8/2012

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