WWII in the Pacific (Download)
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WWII in the Pacific (Download)

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This is a 16mb Downloadable file so that it can be printed out. Rules, Setup charts, and maps are in PDF format. Recommended Map size is 28" x 44"

Additional shipping costs are required and you will be refunded any difference.

World War II in Pacific is a theatre level game that begins in Summer 1941. You take on the side of the Axis with Japan or the Allies with China, USA, UK and USSR.

-This game features rules for terrain, such as rivers, deserts, mountains and woodlands.
-Supply will be important, as your armies can be cut off and destroyed.
-Unique combat system.
-Fleets can intercept each other with the naval interception rules.
-Convoys will need to be protected in order to ensure safe supply to your troops, as well as collecting the needed raw materials for making your weapons of war.
-Optional rules, such as technology or the advanced naval rules add complexity.

Needed to play this game, you will need:

Axis & Allies Pacific 1940
10 supply markers or Brown Poker Chips
10 cut off from supply markers
6 paratroopers (1 for each country) -Airborne Roundels


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